PONANT’s small-ship luxury expeditions are the ultimate blend of refined luxury and adventurous exploration, even in the heart of the most remote regions.

PONANT not only provides a high-end travel experience, but also allows you to go on a voyage of discovery to far-flung corners of the Earth, accompanied by top-quality services and experts on the regions visited.

Marvel at other-worldly landscapes in Antarctica, meet the indigenous Inuit people, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Seychelles, observe diverse fauna and the wild landscapes of the Kimberley coast… The smaller size of PONANT’s ships makes it possible to get to hard-to-reach areas, giving you the chance to discover hidden spots unlike any other.

The Kimberley’s Montgomery Reef

A Kimberley cruise is dictated not by an itinerary but by the tides, and nowhere more so than at Montgomery Reef. As the tide recedes and the 400 square-kilometre reef emerges, guests are treated to a spectacle like no other. When the top of the reef breaches the surface of the water the unique reef structure reveals itself, multiple waterfalls forming as the tide ebbs and water empties out of the lagoon through gaps in the reef structure. Guests have a front row seat to the action from the comfort of a zodiac with expedition guides on hand to share their knowledge of the ecology of the reef system.

Antarctica’s Deception Island

Located near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, this active volcano’s unique landscape of contrasts makes for a spectacular visit. Guests can participate in a breathtaking hike from Baily Head with the world’s largest colony of Chinstrap penguins 100,000 pairs strong, across to Whaler’s Bay. Here guests can view the remains of the Norwegian Hektor Whaling Station and the abandoned British ‘Base B’, now patrolled by Fur Seals, Cape Petrels and Skuas. Further inside the caldera at Telefon Bay guests can undertake a hike to the rim of the crater and be rewarded with a spectacular view of the island’s outstanding scenery.

The Inuit People of The Arctic

Spread over Greenland, Alaska and Canada, the Inuit have been perpetuating their traditions for more than 4,000 years. In the frozen vastness of the Far North, their ancestral way of life deserves our greatest respect. Their lives are organised around the level of the tides and the condition of the ice floe while their activities are focused on hunting and fishing. They are skilled craftsmen producing veritable works of art by sculpting walrus or narwhal tusks and working the furs and skins of marine mammals. Mindful of passing on their heritage, the Inuit welcome PONANT guests with kindness, happily sharing their customs, traditional dancing, and music.

Komodo National Park in Indonesia

Located in the centre of the Indonesia archipelago, Komodo National Park covers over 200,000 hectares, with a typically drier climate it is dominated by grass-woodland savanna and home to the famous Komodo Dragon. Guests are taken on a guided walk through the woodlands in search of these enigmatic reptiles in their natural habitat. Large males sometimes congregate at a watering hole and with luck, females can be seen guarding their nests. No visit to Komodo is complete without experiencing stunning Pink Beach. A world-renown reef scape within only a few meters from the shore where guests can experience a kaleidoscope of coral and fish which call this place home.