Le Ponant

PONANT’s iconic and freshly refitted three-master now offers over 16 staterooms & suites – ‘32 slices of paradise’.

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The PONANT Sisterships

On board, world-renowned French-inspired and international cuisine takes centre stage, paying tribute to the French culinary tradition in a setting that is worthy of the finest…

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Le Commandant Charcot

The only one of its kind in the world, Le Commandant-Charcot is the first PC2 hybrid-electric LNG powered luxury polar exploration vessel.

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PONANT Yacht Cruises & Expeditions

Ponant looks forward to welcoming our guests back on board to set sail to the many spectacular destinations.

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PONANT, Yacht Cruises & Expeditions’ Shore Excursions

PONANT’s small-ship luxury expeditions are the ultimate blend of refined luxury and adventurous exploration.

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The PONANT Explorers

Built between 2018 and 2020, the PONANT Explorers series consists of six small-sized expedition ships.

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Why Book with PONANT Yacht Cruises & Expeditions

Ponant's 30 years of experience stems from a love of the sea, dreams of adventure and sophisticated travel.

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PONANT Yacht Cruises & Expeditions’ Itineraries

When it comes to showing you the world, we are dedicated to introducing you to something new and exciting every day...

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PONANT, Yacht Cruises & Expeditions

PONANT’s award-winning luxury expeditions are led by a team of expedition experts.

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