Immerse yourself

Experience more than ever

The world — marvellous, enigmatic and beautiful — begs to be explored, engaged and experienced. Inexhaustible horizons stretch across glistening seas, rolling dunes, verdant forests and majestic mountains. Intoxicating fragrances and patchworks of colour mesmerise throughout local markets, vibrant mosaics and architectural wonders. Mouthwatering flavours of local recipes perfected over generations bring families and friends together, while new rhythms move us from the table to the dance floor in a celebration of life. Travellers like us come alive at the thought of setting sail and venturing into waters and lands both familiar and unknown, seeking to fill our pages with priceless moments that will carry on as precious memories. Join us as we experience the world around us, one adventure at a time.

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Go local tours

One of the best ways to find off-the-beaten-path experiences is to be guided by a local. Spend a day at a family-owned goat farm in the countryside of Andalusia to learn the generations-old way of making cheese, discover the joy of fishing with the residents of Portofino or observe skilled local artists in their personal studios on Palma de Mallorca.

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Regent Choice shore excursions

Roaring over Alaskan forests and mountains via helicopter en route to feeling the majesty of Mendenhall Glacier beneath your feet can be described as nothing short of exhilarating, while strolling through Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg at night for a more private viewing experience, accompanied by a string quartet breathing beauty throughout the art-lined halls, is a time-transcendent experience unlike any other. Discover the best our world has to offer through the unparalleled experiences you’ll enjoy with Regent Choice Shore Excursions.

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Free unlimited shore excursions

We offer a myriad of opportunities for immersion exploration in addition to the Free Unlimited Shore Excursions – including Gourmet Explorer Tours, Serene Spa & Wellness Tours, Executive Collection & Bespoke Travel Arrangements which includes your own personal vehicle and guide. Or – enjoy a pre- or post- land programme, many of which are included.

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