Dreaming of cruising again? So is Princess.

The line is looking forward to the day it’s back to exploring this big beautiful world with you. What will cruising be like once ships are permitted to sail again? More details will be provided closer to the return so you’ll have the most up-to-date information.

Here are some of the evolving health and safety protocols Princess is developing as it works together with both public health officials and medical experts. These are just the start as it adapts to the latest science and ever-evolving situation.

The line is looking forward to the day it’s back to exploring this big beautiful world with you.

Princess Cruises

Health Screenings

Princess ensures embarkation reflects best practices by including:

  • Mandatory health screenings including pre-travel testing for COVID-19, touchless temperature checks and health questionnaires
  • Secondary screenings (and health checks throughout the cruise) when necessary
  • Referring anyone with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for additional medical screening and testing before allowing to board

It’s critically important that crew members are kept well, so healthy behaviours and protocols are reinforced. Crew will undergo daily health screenings and frequent testing.

Enhanced Sanitisation

Princess is enhancing its already rigorous cleaning protocols. Thorough cleaning will be done everywhere from embarkation terminals to staterooms and public areas, especially frequently touched surfaces, with a safe disinfectant that kills coronaviruses. Guests will be encouraged to use the hand-washing sinks and hand sanitiser dispensers at venue entrances, and handwashing facilities and hand sanitiser dispensers will be added in high-traffic areas.

Princess is also enhancing its already rigorous cleaning protocols.


Physical Distancing

Across the fleet it’s made easier to practice physical distancing by managing the timing, size and flow of groups in onboard venues and for events and helping you make informed decisions about what to do on board.

Where and when physical distancing cannot be maintained, guests will be required to wear masks. When it comes to meals, there will be no self-service – crew will serve all food.

On MedallionClassTM ships, get a real-time view of attendance in lounges, theatres and other areas, and bookmark activities of interest, noting attendance limits.

Medical Care

Nothing is more important than being prepared. Princess is ready for potential cases. The Medical Centre and onboard staff are equipped with everything they need to handle potential issues:

  • COVID-19 testing on all ships and/or use of laboratories ashore
  • A highly capable medical team with the necessary expertise to deal with COVID-19 patients, and supported by medical experts through telemedicine services
  • Outpatient and inpatient facilities, including critical care
  • Medication known to improve outcomes for COVID-19
  • Medical centres and staterooms identified for those in isolation equipped with HEPA air filtration
  • Partnerships with local and regional medical providers


Maximising fresh air and enhancing air filtration by upgrading ships’ HVAC systems to MERV 13 filters that remove a large portion of airborne particles, following the highest CDC guidance. Air is replaced throughout public spaces and staterooms every five to six minutes. Plus, we’re adding HEPA filtration systems to key areas such as medical centres and isolation rooms.

Safe Excursions

Princess is working with local authorities, destinations and tour operators to ensure the enhanced health and safety measures on board are maintained ashore. There may be a reduction in the capacity of excursions and tour vehicles.