As The Thinking Person’s Cruise Line, Viking is dedicated to ensuring our guests experience opportunities to explore and learn about the destinations they visit and for that reason we include a complimentary shore excursion in every port of call.

Our expertly curated included and optional excursions will expand your mind and delight your senses, taking you closer to the art, heritage, traditions, architecture and people that define that unique part of the world.

Local Life

Live like a local in these excursions that reveal the rhythms of daily living. Experience Saigon’s vibrant streets by pedal cab, peruse the most famous bookstore in Paris or indulge in a spa at a hammam in Istanbul.

Working World

Perhaps nothing gives greater insight into a destination than seeing its local people at work. Witness wood carving in Bali, tour the vineyards and cellars of Italy and New Zealand, and meet the harvesters of the world’s farms – from the banana plantations of Caribbean St. Lucia to the spice farms of Indian Goa.

Privileged Access

Soak up the idyllic Provençal countryside during a winery visit and visit Aix-en-Provence, get an insider’s view of one of the world’s great art collections at St. Petersburg’s The Hermitage or head backstage at a Brazilian samba school and discover more about Rio’s famous Carnival.

Kodiak Island bear watching

Venture into the Alaskan wilderness to observe the hulking Kodiak brown bear - the second-largest bears in the world. Observation points are typically located near rivers that serve as well-known salmon runs, where bears will gather in groups to feed. Enjoy your time watching these majestic giants; maybe you will see a mother and her cubs frolicking at the water’s edge, or marvel at a bear catching a leaping salmon in its mouth.

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Norwegian tundra by husky sled

Travel through the stark beauty of northern Norway’s icy tundra while being pulled by a team of huskies. Embark on a scenic drive to the starting point for your tour, meet your local guides and some of the adorable huskies, then change into your thermal suit and boots before setting out into the wilderness. Sit back and relax as your musher guides you and the sled’s team of eight energetic dogs. Breathe in the fresh winter air as you enjoy a journey through the Arctic tundra, taking in the stunning views of the area’s towering fjords.

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Tuscany wine tasting

Join Italians for a wine tasting at the Torre a Cenaia estate, where wine is always served. This 15th-century estate is one of Tuscany’s hidden gems, 1,200 acres of rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and ancient woodland once run by an aristocratic Florentine family. As you drive down a scenic cypress-lined avenue, thereby approaching the sprawling manor, you will enter a world of historic villas and the local, private family church. Upon arrival, you will learn from an estate guide the philosophy behind their wine production. At the winery, you can visit the cellars before starting your tasting.

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Red Sea snorkel

Take the plunge and explore what lies beneath Egypt’s Red Sea in one of the best snorkeling spots in the world. Due to an unusual combination of environmental factors, the Red Sea supports a number of complex coral and delicate ecosystems. You will have the chance to discover its beautiful marine life escorted by an experienced guide who will assist you throughout the tour and accompany you in the water.

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