Our shore excursions will unleash your inner explorer and connect you with the people, culture, and places around you as you cruise from one unforgettable port of call to another.

Offering a wide range of amazing experiences, our shore excursions help you make the most of every destination you visit on your cruise. Whether you dream of seeing one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, meeting the friendly locals of Vanuatu to learn about their culture, to snorkelling in New Caledonia’s world heritage-listed lagoon to observe its diverse and vibrant underwater marine life, or discovering the pristine wilderness and fjords of New Zealand, there are so many adventures to choose from.

We offer shore excursions designed to suit all kinds of travellers, from couples craving a little extra romance, to families looking to bond over bucket list moments, and thrill seekers looking to venture out into the great outdoors. With immersive experiences ranging from locally taught culinary classes, land tours infused with culture and history, to adrenaline-pumping outdoor thrills and off-the-grid exploration, you will discover many exciting ways to make long-lasting memories on your next getaway. Just don’t forget your camera!

Why book a shore excursion? Because it is convenient, a one stop-shop for all your planning. There is an expansive variety, with excursions for every type of traveller. And, because when you book a shore excursion, you have priority. We ensure that you are the first off the ship in order to maximise your adventure time.

Designed to help make your holiday planning easier, Cruise Planner is available to help you pre-plan your holiday right after you’ve booked your cruise. Now you can plan ahead and reserve shore excursions, book specialty dining and beverage packages, schedule spa treatments and more, and all on your tablet or computer from the comfort of your home by visiting www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/booked.