About Hurtigruten Expeditions – the world leader in exploration travel

Hurtigruten Expeditions is the world’s largest and leading expedition cruise line. With sustainability and exploration at core, we offer big adventures on small ships – taking you to some of the most spectacular areas of our planet.

Tracing our roots back to the great explorers and golden age of exploration, the curiosity, sense of adventure, love for our planet, and the art of exploration is deeply embedded in our DNA.

With Hurtigruten Expeditions, you can join fellow explorers on adventures to 30+ countries and more than 250 destinations, including Antarctica, Alaska, Northwest Passage, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Norway, British Isles, South America, Caribbean, and more.

Hurtigruten Expedition’s fleet of seven small-size custom-built ships includes the world’s first battery-hybrid powered cruise ships – and a variety of green technology enabling to explore more sustainably.

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Camping in Antarctica

Imagine yourself sleeping under the Antarctic sky with little more than the thin wall of a tent separating you from the elements. In the true style of the early explorers we venture out at night for this once in a lifetime chance to feel like a polar explorer.

Although Amundsen, Scott and Nordenskjold had different equipment, they used the best gear available at the time. So do we. This activity features top of the line camping equipment that meets Antarctic standards for camping on snow.

Kayaking Adventure in Antarctica

Enjoy the feeling of gliding through Antarctic waters in serene silence and admiring the sight of glaciers, icebergs and snow-covered mountains around you. You might even meet seals, birds, penguins and perhaps whales along the way.

This is a safe experience, accompanied by very experienced guides with high standard equipment.

Hurtigruten Expedition itineraries

At Hurtigruten Expeditions, we give you the opportunity to travel with meaning. Building on our explorer heritage dating back to 1896, Hurtigruten Expeditions is the world’s leading expedition cruise company.

Today, over 125 years later, our pioneering spirit has seen us become leaders in Polar Region explorations, and we are renowned for itineraries to Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, the Northwest Passage and Svalbard. Hurtigruten Expeditions’ footprint includes Arctic Canada, Alaska, British Isles, Galapagos, North America, West Africa, the Caribbean and Central America, South America and Europe. Sustainable expeditions from pole to pole.

Antarctica and the Falklands

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Explore Antarctica during its summer, touring icebergs and visiting penguin colonies ashore. You’ll also go to the Falkland Islands, visit its capital Stanley and see penguins and seals.

We sail the Drake Passage and arrive at the white wilderness of Antarctica where you’ll spend five wonderful days. Exactly where we go and when, is down to the sea ice and weather conditions on the day.

Disko Bay - the Heart of Greenland

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Set out from Reykjavik, Iceland, and explore the pristine west coast of Greenland with its epic landscapes of dramatic glaciers, deep blue fjords and bounteous Arctic wildlife. You’ll be amazed by Ilulissat Ice Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site set amidst stunning scenery.

Throughout our journey we’ll be looking out for the wildlife of West Greenland, from musk oxen and Arctic foxes, to whales and walruses, as well as birdlife such as White-tailed Eagles and auks. Your spectacular expedition voyage ends where it began, in Reykjavik.

From Liverpool to Iceland – Half Circumnavigation of the Land of Ice and Fire

Hurtigruten Expedition

Explore Iceland’s natural wonders on a thrilling half-circumnavigation of the land of ice and fire via the beautiful Outer Hebrides.

Viking heritage – Your journey starts in the historic port city of Liverpool – a metropolis with more museum and art galleries than any other UK city outside of London. Your hybrid-powered ship then sails to former Viking settlement Stornoway, the largest town in Scotland’s Western Isles. Explore its recently revamped castle and the mysterious Carloway Broch – the best-preserved fort in Scotland dating back more than 2,000 years.

Expedition Cruise to the White Sea – Norway and Russia Adventure

Hurtigruten Expedition

Discover spectacular coastlines, natural wonders and cultural highlights between Norway’s Bergen and Russia’s White Sea on an expedition cruise with a difference.

This is really a journey of two parts – the awe-inspiring scenery of the Norwegian coast, and the pristine isolation of Russia’s White Sea region.