Sometimes one destination isn’t enough, so Dream Cruises itineraries bring you the best of Asia, with everything from beach retreats, adventure and exclusive designer stores, to gourmet cuisine and offbeat cultural escapes.

Embark from ports in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand and return with new dreams to share.

Immerse yourself in mystical temples and ancient rituals, markets that float, rivers that meander, designer shops that dazzle and massages that mesmerise. Or why not head for coconut groves, mountain forests, hidden waterfalls and sublime beaches of the Andaman Sea? If you’re a tropical adventure seeker, dive aficionado, watersports enthusiast, food lover or cultural explorer, you won’t be able to resist Asia’s best destinations.

Dream Cruises was one of the first cruise lines to resume operations during COVID times. Explorer Dream has been operating successfully in Taiwan since July, offering short island-hopping itineraries. As of November 6, World Dream was the first ship to resume operating from Singapore offering domestic cruises to local residents.

Dream Cruises plans to operate all scheduled itineraries across South-East Asia once all restrictions are lifted. But for now, with excellent health and safety protocols in place, they are able to offer safe and happy cruising Seacations where they can.