As Australia’s pioneering cruise line, Coral Expeditions leads remote, immersive expeditions.

Coral Expeditions is a 35-year-old Australian pioneering expedition cruise company. It operates and manages a fleet of small expedition ships taking guests to some of the most beautiful, yet rarely-explored, regions of Australia, Asia-Pacific, South-Pacific and Indian Ocean islands. Guests choose to travel with Coral time and time again, especially those attracted by the relaxed small ship atmosphere and itineraries, which larger ships cannot replicate. Coral has built its reputation on offering a very different expedition cruise experience.

Known for personalised service and warm Australian hospitality, Coral’s small ships provide an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The Australian and New Zealand crew and Expedition Team love to share their knowledge through guided activities, lectures and interpretation. Guests are also welcome to join engine room tours or chat to the chefs in the galley. Coral operates an open bridge policy and encourages guests to visit the captain and observe ship operations – captains enjoy the open interaction they share with guests.

Coral operates to high Australian standards of safety with Australian crew wherever it goes. Each voyage has an Expedition Leader and Expedition Team who are experts in the geology, history or flora and fauna of the region. Trip Directors and Expedition Leaders all have marine or local expertise.

"...the most beautiful, yet rarely explored, regions of Australia, Asia-Pacific, South-Pacific and Indian Ocean islands."

Coral Expeditions

Coral Expeditions’ many years’ experience exploring the wilderness areas of the Kimberley, Arnhem Land, Great Barrier Reef, and Tasmania has helped them to continue to perfect their product as each year passes. International destinations have expanded to include New Guinea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Madagascar, Seychelles, Japan and the South Pacific. Coral Expedition was the first to offer interpretive programs reflective of the destinations visited and to employ Expedition Leaders, Guest Lecturers, Marine Biologists, and SCUBA Instructors – a tradition that continues today.

True to Coral Expeditions Australian heritage, the ship environment is designed to be relaxed and intimate. There is no dress code or assigned seating at mealtimes. The ship layout encourages mingling and convivial conversation with fellow passengers. There are no in-room televisions or room service, but there are plenty of comfortable common spaces.

Onboard guests experience a daily program of activities such as shore excursions, hikes, diving and other unique access experiences, accompanied by documentaries, lectures and more. As an Ecotourism operator, Coral Expeditions works towards environmental and sustainable tourism. The lectures and interpretation given by the team promote environmental responsibility and cultural appreciation, and small group sizes ensure that there is minimal impact on the communities and environments visited.

Young and old are welcome – just bring your passion to dream, explore and discover.